Senior Profiles Hiring

FARI is a joint initative of Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It gathers 10 research labs and aims at bringing together an extended community of 300 researchers from different disciplines (from AI, Law, Robotics, Social Sciences, Economics). It received the support of the NextGenerationEU and the Brussels Capital Region (Innoviris & CIRB_CIBG).


Last update of this page: March 14, 2022


  • Each group has now access to a budget within the Research Group RRF activities, that could allow for the hiring of a senior research profile
  • The profile can be a contractual senior researcher or a postdoctoral researcher.
  • Duration: earliest start April 1st – Strict End Date December 31, 2024 (end of the Resilience Plan Funding).
  • The senior profile should work on FARI’s RRF-funded activities.
  • FARI’s management staff will interact with them frequently, and will propose them to collaborate, explore and start working on the different projects.
  • Recruited senior profile will be as extensively as possible engaged to Research Group RRF Activities (depending on the competences of this profile and the research group engagement)
    • Collaborative Projects
    • Citizen Projects
    • AI Academy courses
    • Pilot Projects
  • FARI’s management will monitor that these senior profiles fairly contribute to these activities.
  • The profiles can be involved for outreach activities.
  • This hiring is not mandatory, and research groups that wish to hire personnel on a project-by-project basis, can do so.

Operational points:

  • Each senior profile will be affiliated to the research group that allocates its share of the budget for this position.
  • The profile will report to the head(s) of the said research group.
  • The profile should create a link with the research groups and FARI Central Staff.
  • The profile will also work in close collaboration with the other senior profiles within and among FARI Group.
  • Their mission should be to define, explore, and work on the FARI projects where their research group is involved.
  • They can be involved in proposals’ writing (e.g. for new grants) and co-create a potential future research and funding roadmap for FARI and the research group they represent.

What we need:

  • An answer for each research group on: will your research group make use of this possibility?
  • A job description of the senior profile by each research group by March 25, 2022.
    • Each description needs to specify how it is linked to FARI – AI For the Common Good Institute
    • They need to include the mention “FARI is financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, with the support of the Brussels Capital Region (Innoviris, CIRB_CIBG)”.


  • March 25, 2022: All job descriptions will be shared by FARI research Groups.
  • April 1, 2022: A large communication effort will be done by FARI to advertise this large opening of positions.

Final remark:

  1. If research groups do not wish to get involved in a specific funding line (pilot projects, collaborative projects, citizen projects, AI Academy), they cannot claim this funding to hire someone for other activities.
  2. If you do hire such a senior profile, it is still expected from research groups to collaborate jointly to submit propositions for all the RRF calls (citizen projects, collaborative projects in particular) – with the help of senior profiles.